Speakers at Council

Ms. Susan Fahey

Topic: 'Improving Gender diversity in Law Student Societies'

Location: U-Tas Law School Grosvenor Street

Date: Thursday 7 July

Time: 10:00am - 10:45am

Ms Fahey is the Chief Executive Officer of the Women's Legal Service Tasmania. 

In her time managing WLST, it has grown from three staff to 11, has locations in Hobart and Burnie, has greatly increased the level and kinds of assistance provided to the women of Tasmania and their families and become nationally recognised as a leading community legal centre.

In 2015 Susan was named Tasmanian winner of the For Purpose and Social Enterprise category of the Telstra Business Women’s Award. In 2014 she was awarded the Tasmanian Women Lawyers Biennial Achievement Award for outstanding contribution and achievement to the practice, development and education of law and social justice.

Most recently Susan was named the Tasmanian State Winner of the 2016 Australian Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership.

Susan is a regular contributor in both local and national media on a number of issues including family violence and reproductive health and her opinion is sought on a frequent basis by legislators across Australia at state and federal level.


Dr Margaret Otlowski

Topic: 'Leadership'

Margaret has been invited to participate in international workshops on biobanks and ethics. She has chaired sessions for the Australian Bioethics Conference, the Australian Institute of Health Law and Ethics, and the World Medical Law Congress. She has been on the editorial board of six law journals and continues to peer review contributions for over twenty law journals.

Professor Margaret Otlowski has served as expert and high-level policy advisor to the government as member of the Australian Health Ethics Committee (AHEC) and the Human Genetics Advisory Committee (HGAC), both of which are Principal Committees of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Stevie Ghiassi

Stevie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sydney based startup Legaler. With a focus on user-friendly and innovative technology, Legaler is on a mission to improve the delivery of legal services in order to expand access to justice.  Prior to Legaler, Stevie was fortunate to travel the world playing tennis and went on to establish a number of successful businesses in a range of industries including retail and manufacturing, hospitality and merchandising. In recent years he has focused on building technological solutions and platforms for a better world.

Legaler is smart communication for legal, making online meetings simple and secure with end-to-end encryption for video calls, messaging, file sharing and screen sharing, right inside your browser, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere, on any device.  Legaler helps you keep all your important meeting details in one place by automatically archiving your meeting notes, duration, agendas, messages and files by matter, for easy retrieval.  Meet Smarter.  Meet Legaler.










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