Delegate Welfare


During Conference, we wish to emphasise the importance of taking time to look after yourself both mentally and physically. Conference can be an extremely full on week, both for Councillors and Competitors. It can be high pressure, high stress, and both mentally and physically exhausting.

It is important to ensure you take the opportunity to look after yourself, both in and outside ALSA events. If you don’t feel like going out to drink, then don’t feel obligated to do so. If you feel like you need a break from a heated discussion in Conference, don’t hesitate to go and grab a snack and take some time out.




During Conference, ALSA will be partnering with ADES Australia to run morning activities for Tuesday-Thursday of Conference held at Light Square. The ethos of their #mymorningsmatter program is all about increasing our own Well Being and changing alcohol culture by using our mornings more positively. Therefore, we hope these activities will encourage students to start their days with a positive attitude, feeling energised and motivated!

It’s also important to take other people’s feelings into consideration, especially when you’re in an environment with alcohol. This means making sure that you aren’t making people feel uncomfortable, you’re helping contribute to events in a positive way and that you’re not subjecting someone to comments that they may not find appropriate.

At Conference, the Head of each Delegation will be responsible for their students. If you are concerned about the behaviour of a member of your delegation, please do not hesitate to speak to your elected representative.

Alternatively, if someone is making you or another student feel uncomfortable during Conference or you would like to discuss an incident at Conference please contact the Welfare Officer, Esther Adeyinka, via or 0421 794 227.

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Above all, we want Conference to be a safe and supportive environment for everyone!

Mardi Grivas

ALSA Vice-President (Education) 2018