Information for Councillors

ALSA facilitates triannual Council meetings. These Councils are a body comprising of the ALSA Executive and Committee and two representatives from each LSS/LSA in Australia.

As ALSA’s managing body, the Council discusses current issues in the ALSA administration as well as, and more importantly, national issues in legal education. The Council’s most important function is being a knowledge sharing forum for all LSS/LSA’s. These meetings include a number of workshops, seminars and breakouts on topics nominated by councillors based on issues they are facing.

At Conference, Council will be held at Flinders University (City Campus), located at Victoria Square and commence at 9am each day. The Council agenda is available here.

Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea will be provided each day.

Please be aware that the dress code for each day is business casual

As with February Council in Brisbane, July Council will also have a theme. This Council’s theme is “Education and Advocacy”. Although discussions at Council will not be strictly about these topics, we do suggest that your Presidents and Education Officers/Vice-Presidents will get the most benefit out of attending.

Councillors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. We encourage robust discussion, however, please keep it respectful and pay attention. The Vice-President (Administration) and President will run a speaking list. To add your name, simply raise your hand. Each speaker will have 60 seconds. The President will always get the first and last position on the speaking list and the VPA retains the right to cut the speaking list at any time.

If you have any topics that you wish to be added to Council Discussion, please email Jessica Popple at