ALSA Alumni

ALSA alumni are everywhere. They are a diverse group of law graduates that include solicitors, barristers, politicians, academics, tv personalities, and more. This year is the 40th anniversary of ALSA – we would love to reconnect with our alumni and hear all your stories.

Alumni Database

The ALSA Alumni Database is a project designed to link previous participants of ALSA with the current ALSA cohort. Whether you participated through attending Conference, being part of the ALSA Council, taking part in ALSA Competitions, or being a part of the ALSA team, we want to stay in touch with those who have shared this experience, and to grow networks between current law students and those who have entered the profession.
This database allows ALSA to follow its alumni, who include a number of prominent men and women that have gone on to become leaders of the legal profession, politics, academia, and even television. It also offers the chance for alumni to contribute both to ALSA and to other Law Student Societies, through sharing their experience and knowledge.
When you sign up to the database, you can choose your interest areas (e.g. being a judge for a competition, or assisting a local law student society) and your level of involvement. Registering takes less than 2 minutes, and instantly connects you to a wide range of ALSA alumni with whom you already have something in common.
The ALSA Alumni database is but one part of ALSA's strategy to embrace its alumni.

With the 40th anniversary of ALSA coming up in 2019, there is no better time to reconnect with us.

ALSA LinkedIn

ALSA Alumni may also be interested in joining the ALSA LinkedIn page. The ALSA alumni group on LinkedIn unites past ALSA Conference and Council attendees including Councillors, competitors, judges, sponsors and general delegates.