Partner Organisations

Asian Law Students’ Association

The Asian Law Students Association is a rising student organization with great developmental potential, and its influence in Asian law students is constantly growing. It is composed of 10 membership countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and so forth.

European Law Students’ Association

The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) is one of the world's largest Law Student organisations, with member associations at over 200 universities throughout Europe.

New Zealand Law Students’ Association

The New Zealand Law Students’ Association (NZLSA) is the parent body of the six on-campus Law Student Societies in New Zealand and is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the activities of these six societies. Upon enrolling as a law student, a student automatically becomes a member of the NZLSA. In this way, the NZLSA is the national body representing the interests of all law students throughout New Zealand.

ALSA enjoys a close relationship with the New Zealand Law Students' Association (NZLSA). Australian and New Zealand LSS's exchange information about their activities and provide assistance where information is sought about particular initiatives or concerns. The ALSA-NZLSA Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) records our commitment to continuing and developing the relationship. This MoU records a commitment to exchanging publications, access to e-mail lists and links to web pages, and information exchange including minutes of Council meetings and member reports. The Memorandum also makes a commitment to inviting the New Zealand law schools to participate in the Annual ALSA Conference and extends an invitation for the NZLSA President to attend all ALSA Council meetings and vice versa.

International Law Students’ Association

The International Law Students' Association (ILSA) is an organisation for law students interested in the field of international law. Its head office is in Washington. ALSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ILSA in 1997.

ILSA is also responsible for running the worldwide Jessup Mooting Competition. Australian universities have a history of success in this competition, having won the international round on several occasions.